What you don’t know about your mattress

What you don’t know about your mattress

Do you know that the mattresses are probably the most used pieces of furniture? Therefore we shall learn more about them and of course take good care of them. Below you can find some interesting facts about mattresses and why it is important to keep them clean.

Main types of mattresses

There are different types of mattress that you can choose from, depending on your preferences or special needs. It is important to find the best one for you, since a very hard one, for example, may cause some back pains and leave you overall quite tired. So, you can choose between:

  • Coil or innerspring mattresses – this is the most popular type of mattress and you can find them at quite different prices. A lot of people have such mattresses but are not so satisfied with them because the springs can cause some back pain;
  • Memory foam mattresses – they have gain popularity in recent years and are often the preferred type, since they absorb movement and follow the curves of your body thus securing comfortable sleep. Some disadvantage is that memory foam mattresses keep the body a bit warmer than the other types;
  • Latex mattresses – they are similar to the memory foam ones, but provide more support for the back and one of their disadvantages is that they transfer more motion between the sleeping people;
  • Air mattresses – they are mainly used for camping, or when you have guests, rather than for permanent beds. They are also wonderful water toys;
  • Water or floatation mattresses – these mattresses were first used in the 19th century for medical therapies. The modern version of the waterbed was invented in San Francisco in 1971 and was very popular in the USA in the 80s and 90s.
  • Adjustable mattresses – they provide variety of positions and are mostly used in hospitals or by people who gave some medical issues with movement.

No matter, which type of mattress you choose, keep in mind that you should take good care of it.

Interesting facts about mattresses

There are several interesting things that you probably have heard about mattresses – that you can hide your money in/under them or that you should rotate the mattress for even wear and tear. Below, you will find some unusual facts, some of which will make you smile, others – consider changing or cleaning your mattress:

  • You cannot buy a mattress on a Sunday in Washington – there is an old law, which forbids the purchase of such items, along with TVs and meat. Well, this law is very old and obviously no one follows it these days;
  • Mattresses used to be supported by ropes – before the invention of boxsprings and platforms, the foundation for the mattress was made out of ropes, which had to be tightened every night for more comfortable sleep. Hence comes the expression – “Sleep tight”;
  • Human mattress dominoes is an official Guinness world record – it is currently held by China, where 1001 volunteers with mattresses gathered in July 2012 and lined up like dominoes and then tipped over one another;
  • Mattresses can be recycled and in three states – California, Rhode Island and Connecticut – there is even a law obliging you to do that;
  • No one sleeps alone – yes, unfortunately there are thousands of tiny invisible dust mites that share your bed. That is why hiring a professional to deep-clean your mattresses every six months is an excellent idea.


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